Warm sounds and clear melodies

MAMASHEMADE is a musical and poetic introspection shrouded in melancholy with cleverly mixed electronic and acoustic sounds. International pop with lyricism. Listen to his latest productions below.

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Born in Luanda to a mother from Mozambique and a father from Cabinda, she is the last of four siblings. Upon independence, the family had to settle in Portugal, more specifically in Lisbon. In the mid-90s she discovered singing and rubbed shoulders with the Hip-Hop movement with the pioneering group BOSS AC with whom she made her first concerts, marking the beginnings of urban music in Lisbon.
In Lisbon, SHEYLLA B was born and recognized ...
She moved to Paris in 2003 where she studied jazz scat vocals, and created TRUE FANTASY, she is the author, of this electro-acoustic trio. With their first model, they will be awarded prizes in various current music events, such as the prestigious Jazz festival in Vannes. The adventure will last 9 years.
In 2017 she created MAMASHEMADE. With her maturity and experience, she carries this project always attached to her sensual and suave voice on her own introspective, sometimes melancholy texts, in Portuguese, English and French. Finally, she expresses her “real fantasy” in the feminine. She therefore put together this original repertoire, now self-written and self-composed.
In 2020 she teamed up with Sweet $ pot, a musician / sound engineer who invited them to record the album in his studio. From this collaboration born MAMASHEMADE the album, 9 original tracks composed. Produced by SHEO Music, Sheylla B's label and Sweetspot.



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